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Online Safeguarding

It is essential to help our children keep safe when they are online and using mobile phones; it is our collective responsibility to teach them how to keep safe.  

At St Augustine's Academy, our Curriculum is rigorous in its coverage of Online Safeguarding.  In addition, the documents and links below provide important information and guidance to help keep children safe when using information technology.

Internet Matters

Think UK Now

Parent INFO


Safer Internet 



Childline Online and Mobile Safety

Please click on the links below to access safety guidance for these commonly used apps.


                                                                                                                          Whatsapp                                   Instagram                                        Fifa                                                           Fortnite                                                        TikTok                                                            Call of Duty





                  Roblox                                                                             Minecraft                                                                  Snapchat                                                               YouTube                                                             Sadfishing



Protecting Children Online - Bedfordshire Police

Online Safeguarding Policy