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Twinkl Phonics - YouTube

Twinkl Phonics Scheme

At St. Augustine's Academy we follow the Twinkl Phonics scheme.  The scheme is being newly introduced for September 2022 following training for our teachers and support staff.  We believe that by introducing this scheme, our children will develop a deep Phonics understanding which will positively impact upon their Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills.  

We look forward to seeing the impact that the introduction of this scheme will have upon our pupils' learning.

Please click on the link below to access the Twinkl website.  There you should click on the 'Free Programme Guide' to access a range of resources and videos to help you help your child at home.

Twinkl Phonics

Phonics Games Online

There are lots of Phonics games online that you can play with your children at home.  Click on the links below which will take you to them.

Family Learning Phonics Games

BBC Deep Sea Phonics

Phonics Play

ICT Games

Learning to read through Phonics

'Learning to read through Phonics' is a leaflet for parents and carers that was produced in 2013 by the Department for Education.

The leaflet explains what Phonics is; gives information about the Year 1 Phonics Check and details how you can help your child learn Phonics at home.

A copy of the leaflet is provided below for you to read.