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The Schools of Tomorrow Fellowship

St Augustine's Academy are proud to be a part of the Schools of Tomorrow Fellowship (SOTO).   Our initial relationship with SOTO came through engagement with the 'Hello' project which focused on the area of 'Developing  Communication Skills in the Early Years'.   Since then we have been able to enjoy networking, learning and sharing with other SOTO schools both nationally and internationally.  Currently, have just completed a 2 year Building Back Better project with SOTO focused on developing children's vocabulary.  Our  Vocabulary Velociraptor page tells you more about this exciting project.   Our work has also been produced as an exemplar case study for the book 'So What Now?' by Malcolm Groves and John West-Burnham.


This year, we are continuing with the Vocabulary Velociraptor work that has become an integral part of our school's curriculum and are just beginning a new project with SOTO entitled 'Rethinking Assessment'.

Since its launch, Schools of Tomorrow has worked to support a vision of change underpinned by the Four Quadrant Framework with a series of publications, school-based research and a linked programme of activities and events.  In 2015 SOTO moved into a new phase of activity, with funding from The Fore Trust, to create a new approach to school improvement, the Schools of Tomorrow Fellowship.

The Schools of Tomorrow Fellowship provides a distinctive opportunity for school-based research and development as well as rigorous critical friendship for schools, school leaders and their stakeholders.  It is intended for those who want to pursue a broad and ambitious vision of school quality and purpose, one that ‘redefines outstanding’.

You can find out more about SOTO here.