St. Augustine's Academy

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Our school is supported by a dedicated and diverse Governing Body who each bring a unique and diverse set of valuable skills and experience.

Our Governing Body currently consists of the following members:

Name Term of office Governor


 Pecuniary interests Sub-Committee
Gary Clarke 2016-2020

Vice Chair


Owner of school catering company

Finance, Pay and Personnel
Justine Fourmy 2018 - 2021 Teacher Governor Trustee - -
Cllr. Carole Hegley 2017-2021 Chair Member - Finance, Pay and Personnel
Amanda Howes NA Headteacher Trustee - Finance, Pay and Personnel
Kerry Sullivan 2018-2021 Support Staff Governor Trustee -


Rev. Ricky Turner 2017 - 2021 Community Governor Trustee -


Moira Wollington 2017 - 2021 Parent Governor Trustee -


Elaine Woolhead 2017 - 2021 Community Governor Trustee -

















For further information about our Governing Body, its structure, responsibilities and committees, please view the Governing Body Summaries and Final Accounts by following the links below.

Articles of association




Please note that any correspondence for the Chair of Governors, Councillor Carole Hegley, must be sent to the school at the following address marked, 'For the attention of the Chair of Governors'.

St. Augustine's Academy

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